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WARNING: This site will be taken down shortly for a complete re-vamp.

The following Amiga software has been gathered and packaged. Where possible both "binary" end-user and source versions are here. Also a certain amount of effort has been put into trying to ensure that all the files required to build executables are available. To that end some sources have been edited to remove "quirky" file paths, and some had to be "checked out" from a source code revision control system, but nothing else has been changed.

Despite the fact all software was originally for private purposes, most of it had documentation files written, and these have been included.

Note: all downloads on this page are supplied as LHA files.

Source Code Notes

The source code was written around the Devpac 3 assembler (HiSoft) and the DICE v2.something(?) C compiler. If you want to re-build the software from the source you'll need suitable software. Here are some suggestions:

As far as assemblers go you could try getting hold of Devpac (it can still be bought from HiSoft for about 20), but failing that you could do worse than trying PhxAss. You may need to fiddle with some assembler directives in the sources, but these should be few and far between. You'll also need a linker: luckily BLink (same linker as originally used) is freely available but if you've decided to go for PhxAss as an assembler there's also PhxLnk which forms a nicely matched set.

The DICE v3 source code was made publicly available, and with any luck it should compile the sources okay. An enterprising individual has done a minor update and managed to compile working binaries calling the result DICE v3.16.

Apart from Devpac, all the above software can be obtained from Aminet.

If you browse the sources you may see some rather strange things, so to prepare you here are some "highlights":

Finally, for some reason that doesn't spring readily to mind, ListCopper was written in such a way that it requires to be linked with some startup code from the standard Amiga v2 NDK ("obj" version included in the source archive) and also AMIGA.LIB (not included in the source archive). I think the startup code is the more vital of the two, and as it's technically wholly included in the executable version (thus could be extracted) I can't see it being that much of an issue including the "obj" file.

NameVersionSource CodeDescription
CreateLink 1.0 68k Asm Better MakeLink
dsm8 1.1 C 8-bit disassembler (Z80/6502/65812)
ListCopper 1.5 68k Asm Copper list dumper
NKRM 1.0 68k Asm Keyboard remapper (blank keys)
pclprint 1.0 C Two page per sheet for PCL printer (eg HP DeskJet 520)
RenDev 1.0 68k Asm Device renamer
SplitAutoDoc 1.0 C AutoDoc splitter (no doc file, see below)
SysCheck 1.6 68k Asm System information tool
wavconv 1.4 C WAV/IFF converter (includes "wavinfo")

SplitAutoDoc Notes

The following has been extracted from the source...

1) Assumes ALL entries terminated by form feed (^L) including the last one
2) Assumes first entry is a table of contents (and ignore it.)
3) Assumes no spaces in entry name
4) Assumes required directories exist!

USAGE:  SplitAutoDoc <autodoc filename> [<target directory>]
E.G:    SplitAutoDoc reqtools.doc Work:AutoDocs

OUTPUT: Various files with names relative to <target directory> or to current
        if user only provides <autodoc filename>
E.G.    Work:AutoDocs/exec.library/DoIO